Roshan Kanakala Clarifies About Suma’s Divorce News

December 12, 2023

Roshan Kanakala Clarifies About Suma’s Divorce News

Suma Kanakala Divorce: Roshan Kanakala, son of star Telugu anchor Suma and Rajeev Kanakala is set to make his debut as a lead actor in the upcoming film ‘Bubble Gum’ scheduled for release on December 29. His mother, Suma a prominent figure in the Tollywood industry has been actively involved in promoting the movie showcasing her support for her son’s venture.

Recently, there were rumors regarding Roshan’s parents, suggesting that they were headed for divorce. However, Roshan clarified that these rumors took him by surprise. He highlighted witnessing his parents sharing meals together and enjoying each other’s company, which contradicted the speculation.

To address the gossip Roshan directly confronted his parents. Much to his relief, they expressed disbelief at the notion of divorce and questioned the basis of such rumors. Roshan stressed that the speculations lacked authenticity and assured everyone that his parents were happily married.

Directed by Ravikanth Perepu acclaimed for works like ‘Kshanam’ and ‘Krishna & His Leela,’ ‘Bubble Gum’ signifies Roshan’s entry into the industry as a lead actor. The family remains united in disproving any false speculations about their relationship.

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