Thursday, February 2, 2023
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RGV Sensational Comments on Sumanth Second Wedding

Ram Gopal Varma knows how to be in the news. He will be the news for not his movies but tweeting something unique about celebrities. Are you wondering, about whom RGV’s lately spoken, he is none other than Akkineni Sumanth? For those who joined new to the story, he is gearing up for a second marriage with Pavitra, which is set to be held in a couple of days from now.

RGV took to his twitter and wrote which reads ” Oka pelle noorella penta ayithe, rendo pellentayya Swami ? Naa maata vini maneyyi ..Pavitra gaaru, mee jeevithaalani paadu chesukokandi..Thappu meedhi
@iSumanth dhi kaadhu ..Thappu aa dhaurbhagyapu vyavasthadi. Oka saari ayyaka kooda neekinkaa buddhi raaledha
@iSumanth? Nee kharma , aa pavitra kharma🙏 Anubhavinchandi 😒

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