Ranbir Kapoor Shatters The Monopoly Of Khan’s

December 7, 2023

Ranbir Kapoor Shatters The Monopoly Of Khan’s

When Sandeep Reddy Vanga decided to add the “Superstar” title alongside Ranbir Kapoor ‘s name in the posters of Animal, many dismissed it as exaggeration.

Critics argued that an actor with only one 300-crore film in a 15-year career ‘Sanju’ and that too under the directorial prowess of Raju Hirani might not earn the designation of Superstar. However, post the release of Animal Ranbir Kapoor has not only become a sensation in the North but has also captivated audiences in the South.

For three decades the film industry has witnessed a monopoly maintained by the three Khans. Shah Rukh Khan singularly dominated from the early 90’s until 2010 after which Salman Khan and Aamir Khan took charge delivering massive blockbusters. No other actor could rival the popularity and box office success of the three Khans.

Hrithik Roshan emerged as a credible challenger but inconsistent success due to film choices hindered him from surpassing the Khans. However, following Animal Ranbir Kapoor has truly risen as the ‘Superstar’ poised to lead Bollywood into the next decade.

Shah Rukh Khan staged an unprecedented comeback in 2023 with Pathaan and Jawan reclaiming the throne as the biggest star. Yet Aamir and Salman are no longer dominant forces.

Salman’s attempt to showcase his stardom in Tiger 3 fell flat turning into a major Diwali release disaster. In fact Animal surpassed the lifetime collections of Tiger 3 in just four days.

Ranbir Kapoor emerges as Bollywood’s next big bet after Shah Rukh Khan. With his acting prowess careful project selection and collaborations with filmmakers capable of showcasing him that he stands poised to join the ranks of the country’s biggest superstars.

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