Friday, December 9, 2022
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Priya To Get Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Because Of Lahari Shari

The Hungama in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has begun, all the seven contestants are pushing their limits to impress the audience. Last night, there was a nomination process in the house. Lahari and Priya fought each other in the nomination process. Priya made some shocking comments against Lahari Shari. Actually, Priya nominated Lahari by stating that she is maintaining a relationship with only selected contestants. Priya complained that she is not spending time with her, she also stated that you are busy in making friendship with men in the house. Lahari and her fans are upset over Priya’s comments against Lahari. Now, netizens are urging show makers to eliminate Priya from the show. Unnecessarily, Priya digs her own hole to get evicted from the house. Will show organizers are really going to eliminate her from the show or not is yet to be seen.


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