OTT Review, Rating: Naga Chaitanya’s Dhootha

December 1, 2023



  • Cast : Naga Chaitanya, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Navin Nooli,Parvathy Thiruvothu, Prachi Desai, Pasupathy, Ravindra Vijay, Tharun Bhascker
  • Director : Vikram K Kumar
  • Producer : Sharrath Marar
  • Banner : NorthStar Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  • Music : Ishaan Chhabra

3.25 / 5

Dhootha Web Series Review Rating: Tollywood actor Naga Chaitanya makes his big screen debut with Dhootha. The series, written and directed by Vikram K Kumar, is currently available in multiple languages for streaming.


Sagar (Naga Chaitanya), a well-known journalist, is appointed Chief Editor of the Samachar newspaper. Sagar is overjoyed with his promotion, but his joy is short-lived as a series of tragedies occur in his life. What’s more, a few newspaper clippings predict these tragedies ahead of time. How is that even possible at all? Is Sagar’s profession full of enemies? Did Sagar solve the mystery surrounding the newspaper clippings? Dhootha is all about this.


The eerie background score by Ishaan Chhabra is intriguing. Mikolaj Sygula’s cinematography is superb. Every frame appears to be solid, indicating that the creators spent a fortune on the series. However, the editing could have been better.

Though Vikram K Kumar disappointed in his previous film, he more than makes up for it in Dhootha. The plot is straightforward, but the director has made it in gripping manner by adding multiple layers. There is also a positive message for society.

Plus Points:

  • While the basic plot might not be novel, the storytelling approach is praised, drawing a comparison to Vikram Kumar’s 13B.
  • The suspense is effectively built with the use of background score, arresting visuals, and impressive production design.
  • The series delivers continuous thrilling moments, especially in the breathtaking showcasing of deaths and crime scenes.
  • Vikram K Kumar conveys a powerful societal message seamlessly, without it feeling forced.

Minus Points:

  • The flashback portions in the Film are criticized for not making a significant impact on the audience.
  • The execution of scenes within these flashbacks is deemed lacking, suggesting room for improvement to enhance the series’s overall impact.
  • The pacing issues are highlighted as a specific concern that could be addressed for a more engaging viewing experience.


Overall, Dhootha is a captivating mystery thriller with an abundance of intriguing moments. Despite the fact that the plot is not novel, the narrative keeps the reader interested for the most part. Dhootha’s main assets are the fantastic performances by the cast and the solid technical values. However, the runtime could have been cut down and the flashback scenes could have been improved. Nonetheless, this Naga Chaitanya film is worth seeing this weekend.

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