Nani Opens Up About Film Politics And His ‘Jai Bheem’ Tweet

November 9, 2023

Nani Opens Up About Film Politics And His ‘Jai Bheem’ Tweet

Nani has revealed his dissatisfaction with the National Awards 2023. His disappointment was made public when he uploaded a broken heart emoji on his Instagram account to express his regret that the film ‘Jai Bheem’ did not receive an award at the National Awards.

While some media sites stated that Nani was concerned about the acknowledgment of Kollywood (Tamil cinema) and upset with Tollywood’s (Telugu cinema) victories he took the opporunity to clarify his stance during the India Today  Telangana Roundtable event. He made it clear  that his statements had been taken out of context, that he was quite happy with Telugu cinema’s successes.

Nani went on to congratulate the teams behind successful Telugu films like RRR, Pushpa, and Uppena for their victories at the prestigious awards. He expressed his happiness for his fellow actor, Allu Arjun, who became the first Telugu actor to win the Best Actor award.

Nani emphasized that he loved ‘Jai Bheem’ and thought it was one of the finest films ever made. He believed it deserved to be recognized in at least one area. Nani related his sentiments to a case in which his sister accomplished something but his next-door relative did not. He would naturally show his joy for his sister’s accomplishment while feeling sad for his cousin.

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