Massive Amount For A Scene In Pushpa 2

February 28, 2024

Massive Amount For A Scene In Pushpa 2

Devi Sri Prasad’s masterful composition for ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ has garnered widespread praise, with tracks like ‘Srivalli,’ ‘Oo Oo Antava’ and ‘Saami Saami’ captivating audiences. However, amidst these hits, one song often overlooked yet deserving of recognition is ‘Daako Daako Meka’. This Track not only boasts addictive beats but also carries profound philosophical undertones, even referring to the ‘Gangammathalli Jathara’, a significant event not depicted in the first part of the film.

Director Sukumar, with his meticulous planning, has incorporated a crucial ‘Gangammathalli Jathara’ scene in the sequel. Positioned just before the interval, this pivotal sequence spans around 30 minutes, demanding over 35 days of rigorous shooting and a budget exceeding 50 Crores. Anticipation surrounds Allu Arjun’s appearance during this segment, expected to be nothing short of spectacular.

Inspired by the Tirupati Ganggamma Thalli Jathara, where devotees traditionally wear Ardha Naarishwara(Shiva-Pavathi) attire, the look for this scene promises a bold and distinctive visual narrative. The team’s innovative approach was evident in the first look poster’s release, generating widespread acclaim. Within this episode, audiences can anticipate a blend of song, action, and emotion, with rumors suggesting a pivotal plot twist.

This ‘Gangammathalli Jathara’ episode stands as a testament to Sukumar’s directorial brilliance and is poised to be a defining moment in ‘Pushpa,’ thrilling fans of Allu Arjun worldwide. Alongside Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead, the film is produced by Mythri Movie Makers, Muttamsetty Media, and Sukumar Writings, featuring Fahadh Faasil as the antagonist and pivotal roles played by Dhanunjay, Rao Ramesh, Suneel, Anasuya Bharadwaj, and others.

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