Mahesh Babu To Join Hit Franchise?

January 3, 2024

Mahesh Babu To Join Hit Franchise?

Natural Star Nani has successfully ventured into film production with the critically acclaimed ‘Hit First Case’ and its sequel ‘Hit Second Case,’ both skillfully directed by Sailesh Kolanu. These gripping thrillers have resonated well with the audiences, inspiring Nani to envision an expansive franchise of approximately seven films.

Sailesh has crafted the storylines for these upcoming movies setting the stage for an exciting cinematic journey. While Vishwak Sen starred ‘Hit 1’ and Adivi Sesh took the lead in ‘Hit 2,’ Nani himself is gearing up for a significant role in ‘Hit 3.’ The committed actor-producer is dedicating three months of his time to the shooting of ‘Hit 3’ amidst his current project titled ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’.

As discussions are ongoing about the potential star appearances in future installments, there’s strong speculation that Victory Venkatesh with Shailesh on ‘Already Saindhav’, may join the ‘Hit’ franchise. There is also buzz surrounding the possible consideration of Mahesh Babu for a significant role, adding a new layer of excitement to the crime thriller series.

However, the consideration of Mahesh, a megastar with substantial budget requirements, raises concerns about financial viability, given the traditionally modest budgets of Hit franchise. It remains uncertain whether Nani, as a producer, would for such an ambitious project. One solution would be for Mahesh to become a co-production partner, ensuring successful project completion while aligning with Sailesh’s narrative vision.

Considering Mahesh’s inclination towards challenging roles and a well-crafted storyline, there’s a possibility that the superstar may be open to experimenting within the context of the ‘Hit’ franchise. Rumors hint at the series finale featuring all the heroes from the ‘Hit’ franchise from ‘Hit 1’ to ‘Hit 6,’ promising an epic crime thriller at a pan-India level.

The anticipation among Mahesh Babu’s fans is tangible as they eagerly wait for his potential entry into the ‘Hit’ franchise, whether in the final installment or as a part of a standalone film within the series. The unfolding chapters of the ‘Hit’ saga are poised to generate waves of excitement and thrill among audiences nationwide.

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