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Maanas Says Ravi Is not A Host Inside The Biggboss House

Biggboss show has come up with huge expectations from audience. It is one of the most awaited reality show in the recent times. All the 19 contestants have entered into Biggboss house. The game plan of the contestants have started since day one.

In the latest episode Siri has got the access to enter the power House. Were Biggboss has given a chance to make a contestant a slave to another inmate. Siri select LOBO as a slave to Shanmukh.

Shanmukh asked LoBo to imitate house mates as a part of task Lobo and Ravi imitates Maanas and Priyanka which has disappointed Maanas. He shares his sarrow with Kajal saying that Ravi is crossing his limits. Maanas says he might be Anchor in real life but in Biggboss house he is not an anchor. Maanas is one of the nominated contestant in 1st week elimination

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