Lahari Shari, Swetha Varma among the watchouts in Telugu Bigg Boss 5

September 14, 2021

Lahari Shari, Swetha Varma among the watchouts in Telugu Bigg Boss 5

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is getting spicier than ever. It seemed like bondings and emotions were gradually changing with each passing day. House inmates who are a bit introverts are opening up with each other.

Just seven days into the Bigg Boss journey, the house reached the second day of nominations. The contestants were split into two teams ‘Eagle’ and ‘Wolf’.

Episode seven has some heartwarming scenes with Swetha Varma venting her anger against those who nominated her for elimination. She called Hamida and Lobo as fake friends who expressed fake emotions and feelings.

Despite being so friendly with the housemates, Swetha couldn’t believe the treatment that she got in the house. Meanwhile, Lahari Shari has now surpassed the phase of being nominated by her housemates. She is not even nominated by a single contestant this time in the second round.

Lahari is one contestant who is making her chances better as she moves ahead in the game. There are some safe players who want to play the game as much as possible like Shanmukh, Jaswanth and Siri. But Lahari is someone who knows her game well. Even Ravi too appears to play safe while also not hurting the sentiments of his co-contestants in the house.

Here is the list of housemates those who got nominated for elimination — Priya, Priyanka Singh, Lobo and Anne master from the team Eagle while Nataraj master, Uma and Kajal are . from the team ‘Wolf’