Jahnvi Kapoor Is The Highest Paid Tollywood Actress

January 19, 2024

Jahnvi Kapoor Is The Highest Paid Tollywood Actress

Janhvi Kapoor Emerges as the Hishest-Paid Actress in Tollywood. Renowned Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor is reportedly commanding an unprecedented salary for her debut Telugu film, ‘Devara’. Trusted sources reveal that she is earning a remarkable Rs 10 crore or more for her role as the leading lady opposite superstar NTR. This substantial sum solidifies her status as the highest-paid actress in Tollywood, surpassing her peers such as Pooja Hegde, Rashmika, and Sreeleela, who typically receive around Rs 4 crore per film.

Janhvi Kapoor’s remarkable popularity in Bollywood and her expanding brand presence across India have played a crucial role in her remuneration rise. Her substantial social media following, comprising millions of fans, further strengthens her position in the industry. In the contemporary landscape, an actress’s compensation is not only shaped by box-office success but also by her influence on social media.

Sridevi’s daughter enjoys a distinct advantage over her competitors due to her lineage and established presence in Bollywood. She has already received offers for high-budget Telugu films alongside renowned superstars. Her versatility and appeal to Hindi-speaking audiences, as demonstrated in films like ‘Mili’ and ‘Good Luck Jerry,’ position her as a formidable force in the Telugu and South Indian film industries.

Industry speculates that Janhvi Kapoor, following in the footsteps of her mother Sridevi, could make a substantial impact in the Telugu and South Indian film industries before returning as a South Indian superstar to Hindi cinema. Her debut in ‘Devara’ marks a pivotal moment in her career, signaling her potential to transcend linguistic and regional boundaries.

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