Is Yodha Going To Give Sidharth and Raashii Khanna A Break ?

March 13, 2024

Is Yodha Going To Give Sidharth and Raashii Khanna A Break ?

In recent years, Sidharth Malhotra has faced limited success following the acclaim of ‘Shershaah’ which was an OTT film. Despite endeavors like ‘Thank God’, ‘Gentleman’, and ‘Marijaavan’, which failed to make a mark now returns with a patriotic role in ‘Yodha’, aiming to reclaim his career trajectory. The success of this film holds paramount importance for him in revitalizing his career.

However, it’s not just Malhotra placing his hopes on ‘Yodha’, Raashii Khanna is also determined to break free from her string of flops. With prominent figures like Karan Johar backing the project, expectations soar high. Set for a grand-scale release on March 15, 2024, the film targets a significant box office collection of 100 Crores.

For Khanna, ‘Yodha’ presents an opportunity to rejuvenate her career and secure substantial projects. Conversely, a setback could steer her towards smaller film ventures or web series. Directed by Pushkar Ojha and Sagar Ambre, ‘Yodha’ seamlessly blends action, romance, and drama. Alongside Malhotra, Khanna portrays a pivotal romantic character, while Disha Patani injects excitement as an air hostess in this hijack thriller. With its diverse genre mix, ‘Yodha’ prepares to enthrall audiences and propel its stars to success.

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