Is The Chamber Losing Its Value?

January 10, 2024

Is The Chamber Losing Its Value?

Last week, the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce, and Telugu Film Producers Council jointly addressed the media in a press meet, Dil Raju and Prasanna Kumar expressed gratitude to TG Vishwasprasad, Ravi Teja, and Vivek kuchibutla for their cooperation for postponing their film ‘Eagle’ from the Sankranthi Race.

However, Expressing disappointment Film presenter Anil Sunkara and Producer Rajesh Danda seem determined not to leave this issue. During the press meet, Chamber President Dil Raju promised to ensure a solo date to whosoever cooperates. Dil Raju may have anticipated this and was careful during his speech on the solo date promise and stressed the word that they would ‘try’ to ensure a solo date for ‘Eagle’ on February 9th.

However, achieving a solo date seems to be difficult with Rajesh Danda announcing ‘Ooru Peru Bhairavakona’ for February 9th. Notably, Dil Raju did not mention the film’s name during the press meet and only referred to discussions with Naga Vamsi (Tillu Square) and the pending contact with UV Pramod (for Yatra 2).

Adding to the competition Rajinikanth’s Lal Salaam is also scheduled for  February 9th release. While the Sankranthi festival advantage for ‘Eagle’ would have been notable, a February release with increased competition seems less sensible. The concern now is that if the Chamber’s assurances hold no value, it may create doubt among stakeholders. There’s a call for the industry leaders to find a resolution and reward the ‘Eagle’ team for their cooperation. Failure to do so may complicate future efforts to avoid clashes in the industry.

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