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Here’s Why Sarayu Got Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Sarayu is one of the strong contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu house. Unfortunately, she got eliminated by the first week itself as she bagged the least votes. Sarayu fans are upset with her elimination. The main reason for Sarayu getting evicted in first week is her bad language in the house. It’s a family show most of them would watching it, her smoking also a huge minus point for her lose the game. These two reasons could be for Sarayu elimination. It is not official confirmed from any sources yet.

The nomination process for Bigg Boss second week is all going to happen in tonight’s episode.According to our sources, RJ Kajal, Hamida, Uma Devi, Natraj Master, Jessie, and VJ Sunny are all set to get nominated for this week in tonight’s episode


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