Family Star Digital Rights In Trouble?

November 9, 2023

Family Star Digital Rights In Trouble?

Family Star: As theater revenue has fallen post-COVID, producers are relying on non-theatrical and Hindi rights to fund their projects. However, the Hindi and digital markets crashed all of a sudden kickstarting an industry crisis.

All movies, no matter how big or small, have a significant impact on the industry. According to reports, the Family Star, a collaboration between Dil Raju and Vijay Devarakonda, is also in peril. Amazon and Netflix are now spending a lot of money to purchase movies digitally. However, Both companies are not showing interest in buying the film.

Netflix has already bought Gunturkaaram in Sankranti movies. Family Star will be released in a day difference. Both films will be available on OTT in four weeks. It is not possible to purchase Gunturkaram at a high price while also investing in the film and releasing it at the same time. So Netflix is not showing much interest in Family Star.

It’s shocking that the digital rights of such a high budget film starring Vijay and produced by Dil Raju are in trouble. If such big-banner movies are in trouble what will it be for small-budget movies this year?

However, Dil Raju claims that even if digital rights stay unsold, Sankranthi will not be missed.

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