Chiranjeevi Launches Savitri Classics Book

April 3, 2024

Chiranjeevi Launches Savitri Classics Book

The iconic Savitri remains a revered icon in Indian Cinema, leaving an indelible mark in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Even after her passing her legacy lives on through timeless films and unforgettable characters. Recently a grand event took place in Hyderabad to unveil the book ‘Savitri Classics’, penned by her daughter Vijaya Chamundeshwari. The presence of Chiranjeevi present at the event added significance and reverence to the occasion.

Megastar Chiranjeevi remembering his encounters with Savitri expressed gratitude for the privilege of collaborating with her in the film ‘Punadiraallu’. He warmly recounted a moment during the film shoot when he danced before her and she commended his talent, foreseeing his future success as an actor. Chiranjeevi nostalgically recalled their initial meeting in Rajahmundry where he was left awestruck in her presence.

He also shared a touching anecdote where Savitri lauded his dancing abilities to others, underscoring her nurturing and supportive demeanor. Chiranjeevi’s reflections on his interactions with Savitri depict her as a gifted and generous actress who left an enduring impression on everyone she encountered. Her legacy continues to inspire generations of actors and filmmakers in the Indian film fraternity.

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