Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Priyanka, Amar Captaincy Clash

November 18, 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Priyanka, Amar Captaincy Clash

In this latest episode of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu continued with arguments and conflicts, particularly between Shobha and Shivaji. In the previous episode reached a high fierce competition for eviction passes. After the match, the decision of the previous task was felt as Prasanth and Shobha had a personal discussion on the matter, while Prasanth favoured Prince Yawar and Shobha staunchly fought for her friend Priyanka. Eventually, both referees, Prasanth and Shobha, declared Prince was the winner, causing a division among housemates and sparking extensive discussions. Shobha, expressing her viewpoint to Priyanka and Arjun, accused Shivaji of deliberately provoking her leading to an emotional recounting of the task events.

In the Captaincy Task game, titled “Floor Is Lava”, contestants navigated challenges, with Rathika and Gowtham eliminated in the initial rounds of the brick task game. Despite a tie-breaking round initially favouring Shobha, her subsequent loss set the stage for the final contestants competing for Captaincy Arjun, Priyanka, and Prashant.

In the “Make a Tower” task, Captaincy was secured by Priyanka as the remaining four contestants endeavoured to construct towering structures while enduring attacks from others. The conclusive round witnessed a clash between Priyanka and Amar, the latter displaying exaggerated reactions and vociferous protests, ultimately becoming a source of amusement rather than evoking sympathy. Priyanka emerged the victory, prompting an emotional outburst from Amar, not due to her victory but his own defeat. Disheartened, Priyanka noted Shobha, her friend, supported Amar. Amar’s lack of enthusiasm for Priyanka’s win intensified her disappointment, as the ever-shifting dynamics and emotional loud noise persisted in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house.

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