Bholaa Shankar Movie Review, Rating

August 11, 2023

Bholaa Shankar

Bholaa Shankar

  • Cast : Chiranjeevi, Tamannaah, Keerthi Suresh, Sushanth and Others
  • Director : Meher Ramesh
  • Producer : Anil Sunkara
  • Banner : AK Entertainments
  • Music : Mahathi Swara Sagar

1.5 / 5

Movie: Bholaa Shankar

Chiranjeevi is on a spinning spree of doing back-to-back films: God Father, Waltair Veerayya and Bholaa Shankar. He is not bothered about the result at all. For the first time, the legend has collaborated with Director Meher Ramesh for Bhola Shankar. It is a remake of the Tamil movie Vedalam. It was a great opportunity for Meher Ramesh to team up with Chiranjeevi and score a dreamy hit. Did Meher Ramesh succeed? Did he use the chance properly with Bhola Shankar? Here’s our review of the film.

Plot: The film begins with a woman trafficking crime. Subbaraju who plays a cop gets killed by the traffickers. Chiranjeevi (as Shankar) comes to Kolkata for his sister Keerthy Suresh (Maha). Shankar is a taxi driver there.

Chiranjeevi helps the police by rescuing the girls which puts him in trouble. Tamannaah is a lawyer, and she has a brother named Srikhar (Sushanth) who falls in love with Maha. Shankar agrees to their wedding. There comes a jolt when Tamannah learns about Chiranjeevi’s hidden activities. She tries to stall her brother’s wedding with Maha. Shankar reveals why they have shifted to Kolkata. How Shankar hunts down a crime network in Kolkata forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Chiranjeevi is seen as being indifferent to his character; he barely did his part. The comedy worked in a few parts. The style, aura and charm of Chiranjeevi are missed in Bhola Shankar.

Keerthy Suresh who is a big star needs her role to be more descriptive but it wasn’t that way. Tamannaah looks cute and bubbly but she doesn’t have enough scenes to perform.

Vennela Kishore, Getup Srinu and Sreemukhi are an extra addition to the film, their comedy scenes don’t even make you laugh, and they didn’t leave any impact.

Positives: There is nothing to write about the positives in the film. Some people may like one or two comedy scenes. Even Chiru’s fans will be really sorry about the quality of the scenes in the movie.


Whole Movie Worst Direction Irritating Scenes Unbearable Fights


Bholaa Shankar will be a quick film for the audience to forget. For sure, Chiranjeevi knows the pulse of the audience, as he has been making the movie for more than three decades. He could select nice scripts instead of doing the remake.

There isn’t a single scene worth watching here. The film is too predictable. Director Meher Ramesh couldn’t use the opportunity after looking at the film, one would surely feel that he hasn’t kept any efforts to the film. Meher might be in a dream when Bhola Shankar was happening, as the movie has poor writing and disjoined storytelling at every step.

Bholaa Shankar’s visuals look rich. The cinematographer deserves a special mention, and the background music is also poor. There are no wow or whistle moments. The Meher Ramesh and Chiranjeevi duo have wasted an opportunity.

Verdict: Bhola Shankar is a tedious watch. It is an unbearable movie. Watch it for the idea and cast performances.

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