Atlee Record-Breaking Remuneration For Allu Arjun’s Next Film

March 15, 2024

Atlee Record-Breaking Remuneration For Allu Arjun’s Next Film

The buzz surrounding the collaboration between director Atlee and Icon Star Allu Arjun has been dominating headlines for the past few days. A viral video showcasing Atlee’s story sessions with his directing team has only added to the excitement. After his groundbreaking success with Jawan in Bollywood, all eyes are on Atlee Kumar’s next project.

Now, Atlee’s next endeavor is confirmed with Allu Arjun, who is currently immersed in ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’. As Atlee finalizes his script and wraps up post-production for the film, attention has now turned towards the reported director’s fee he might command. Rumors in the industry suggest Atlee could demand an unprecedented 60 Crore to direct this project, potentially catapulting him to one of the highest-paid directors in the nation, although no official confirmation has been made yet.

With the commercial success of ‘Jawan’ starring Shah Rukh Khan, which grossed over Rs 1148 crore worldwide, studios recognize Atlee’s ability to deliver blockbusters and his collaboration with a superstar like Allu Arjun only amplifies expectations. Allu Arjun’s star power, particularly in Telugu cinema was evident with the success of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, and the anticipation for its sequel, ‘Pushpa- The Rule’, slates for a grand release on Independence Day, August 15th, 2024, is palpable. With its blend of action, romance, and music by the acclaimed Devi Sri Prasad, the film is poised to be another crowd-pleaser.

The combination of Allu Arjun and Atlee is expected to ignite fireworks at the box office, even before its release. The involvement of renowned music director Anirudh adds further value and potential to the project. If ‘Pushpa 2’ hits the mark, there’s no doubt that the film from Allu Arjun and Atlee could surpass the Rs 1000 crore mark in box office collections. Given these factors, the circulating reports of a hefty paycheck for Atlee are not merely rumors but reflections of the immense potential and anticipation surrounding the project.

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