Animal Creates History In North America

December 1, 2023

Animal Creates History In North America

Ranbir Kapoor’s movie, ‘Animal,’ has etched its name in history in North America, becoming the first Hindi film to surpass $1 million in box office collections. Celebrating this milestone on December 1, the official social media handle of ‘Animal’ shared the news, marking the film’s remarkable success. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, ‘Animal’ features a stellar cast, including Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, and Bobby Deol, and revolves around the intricate father-son relationship between Ranbir and Anil’s characters.

The Film is about to set off an EXPLOSION of excitement like no other! Buckle up because the market is buzzing with predictions of a mind-boggling 100 crores or more on Day 1.

Gaining widespread acclaim from fans across the globe, ‘Animal’ achieved an extraordinary feat with its stellar box office performance in North America. The film’s official social media handle made the announcement, exclaiming, “HISTORY IS MADE!! #Animal crossed $1 Million in North America premieres at 5:30 PM PST! First-ever Hindi film to achieve this feat! Many more records will be broken!”

Released worldwide on December 1, 2023, ‘Animal’ showcases Ranbir Kapoor as the lead character, Arjun, a ruthless and ambitious gangster. The movie intricately explores the dynamics of a father-son relationship against the backdrop of organized crime, delving into themes of loyalty, betrayal, and power struggles. Anil Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna contribute significantly to the gripping narrative of this cinematic masterpiece.

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