Aata Sandeep’s Re-Entry Into Bigg Boss Telugu?

November 6, 2023

Aata Sandeep’s Re-Entry Into Bigg Boss Telugu?

Aata Sandeep, who was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 7, is all set to make re-entry into the house. Yes, what you read is right. Sandeep will soon be making a re-entry with renewed energy. There is no official confirmation as to when he is going to make the re-entry into the show.

He will be the second contestant to re-enter the house if his entry happens. Earlier, Rathika made a re-entry, after which she upped her game. She is likely gonna stay till the finals.

Tastya Teja was eliminated from the show in the latest weekend. Actually, Amardeep was supposed to get evicted from the show, as he got the least votes compared to Tasty Teja, as per the sources.

How many of you waiting for

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