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Vishwa Becomes Emotional With Anchor Ravi


After a long wait Biggboss season, 5 has launched on Sunday. The contestants are making the viewers glued to their seats since day 1. All the 19 contestants have entered into the house. It’s been three days the show commenced, it’s hard to judge the characters or performance of the contestants. In recent episode, Vishwa has won the task to enter the power Later Biggboss asked to pick 2 names of the contestants who has to handover there clothes and there things. Vishwa has chosen Senior Artist Priya and Anchor Ravi names, as Ravi didn’t had any clothes to wear. He is seen wearing girls clothes in the house. Later, Vishwa shared one of the incident with anchor Ravi how he lost his brother. Vishwa says that You are the only one person call me anna no one ever does.



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