Ustaad Movie Review

August 12, 2023



  • Cast : Sri Simha Koduri, Kavya Kalyanram, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Anuhasan, Ravindra Vijay, Venkatesh Maha, Ravi Shiva Teja, Sai Kiran Edida
  • Director : Phanideep
  • Producer : Rajini Korrapati, Rakesh Reddy Gaddam, Himank Reddy Duvvuru
  • Banner : Varahi Chalana Chitram, Krishi Entertainments
  • Music : Akeeva.B

2 / 5

Ustadd Movie Review: Sri Simha Koduri, who has been entertaining audiences with his different scripts, has now come up with the film Ustaad. Directed by Phanideep, the film has Kavya Kalyanram as the female lead. Ustaad hit the screens today, and let’s see how it is.

Plot: Surya (Sri Simha Koduri) is an undergraduate who is mediocre in academics. His widowed mother (Anu Haasan) is his world. When he falls in love with Meghana (Kavya Kalyanram), everything in the world starts looking beautiful to him. An old bike named Ustaad is his inanimate companion, inspiring him to defeat his flaws and become a pilot. Can he realize his dream when his love affair with Meghana appears to be on the verge of failure?

Performances: Simha Koduri is not star actor. He is taking baby steps. His recent film, ‘Bhaag Saale’, was unbearable. But ‘Ustaad’ is better in terms of content. He is also very good in the role of an underdog. His performance in the scenes with a senior pilot (played by an effective Gautham Vasudev Menon), his mother (Anu Haasan is decent as a mother who encourages him to be stubborn), and his girlfriend is good.

Kavya Kalyanram of ‘Balagam’ and ‘Masooda’ fame is average. There is nothing much that can be written about her acting. Ravindra Vijay, as a lonely and alcoholic mechanic, is good. Comedian Ravi Siva Teja, who has done YouTube shorts, is seen as the male lead’s friend. He draws some laughs.

Technical Departments: Akeeva B, the debutante music director, delivers stable music. All the montage songs are smooth. The background score is impressive. It is wrong to ignore such work just because ‘Ustaad’ is a small film and Simha Koduri is a small actor. Akeeva has the talent to handle feel-good films and love stories. One hopes his talent proves to be consistent.

Producers Rajani Korrapati, Rakesh Reddy Gaddam, and Himank Reddy Duvvuru rope in a decent technical team. The cinematography and the locations are respectable.

Plus Points:

  • The feel-good emotions.
  • The performances.
  • Music Director’s work.

Minus Points:

  • Stretched-out conversations.
  • A 15-minute boring series of segments soon after the interval.
  • Simplistic climax.
  • A not-so-novel rom-com track.

Verdict: ‘Ustaad’ is a pretty average movie. It is a watchable one on OTT.

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