Ugram Review : A Decent Revenge Drama

May 5, 2023

Ugram Review : A Decent Revenge Drama

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Finally, the day has arrived, actor Naresh’s highly anticipated film Ugram has been released in theatres today, which is helmed by Vijay Kanakamedala. This is the second collaboration of this duo, who earlier worked for the Blockbuster film Naandhi.

Ugram has come up with huge expectations among the audience, as the teaser and trailer were impressive. Let’s check out whether the film has managed to steal the heart of the audience. Here is the genuine review, and rating of the film.

Plot: K. Shiva Kumar (Naresh) is a strict police officer, whose aim is to make the Warangal city clean without any crime. Shiva Kumar begins his hunt ending up with the culprits who are addicted to Drugs. The strict police officer catches a group of four people who are sexually harassing young girls. He wants to send them behind bars at any cause, but the same gang warns Shiva’s wife in a sexual manner. This irks Shiva and he decides to eliminate them at any cause. Shiva kills 3 of them and one of the notorious criminal somehow escapes from it. One day Shiva and his family met with an accident, where he loses his memory, and at the same time, his wife and daughter go missing. Who is behind their missing? will Shiva succeed to find his family? will he get back his memory? To know this one has to watch the movie.

Performance: Naresh is truly one of the best performer, one will fall in love with his performance. The way he portrayed his role is appreciable. It was delightful to watch Naresh in such a typical role. The has carried emotion, love, and action in a perfect manner. He gave his best to the role, actress Mirnaa Menon has got a meaty role in the film, she had one justice to her role. The rest of the cast have done their jobs perfectly.

Technical Aspects: Director Vijay Kanakamedala has come up with another experimental film, though the storyline was interesting Vijay failed to narrate the film properly, and most of the audience felt like there was too much lag in the film. Apart from a few lag scenes, Vijay has succeeded to touch viewers’ hearts with emotion and drama in it. Vijay would have directed the film much better, but the couldn’t do it. It would have been an epic film for Vijay if he would have directed it much better.

The backbone of the film editor Chiota K Nayak went to have half colour in the film, there was a huge lag in the film. Music director Sai Charan Pakala has scored electrifying beats in the film, his BGM has become the key asset to the film. The production values of the film are high thanks to producers Harish Peddi and Sahu Garapati who dint compromised in production values.

Positives: Naresh Performance, Twists, Second Half, Action, BGM

Negatives: Poor Narration. Too Much Lag, Boring Love track,

Verdict: Overall, Ugram is another epic film in Naresh’s career, though the film has a regular storyline, the emotions, and the twist will win the hearts of the audience. One can watch the film for Naresh’s outstanding performance.

Chitraseema Rating: 2.75/5