The Great Indian Suicide Movie Review

October 5, 2023

The Great Indian Suicide

The Great Indian Suicide

  • Cast : Ram Karthik, Hebah Patel, Pavitra Lokesh, Naresh VK, Jaya Prakash, and others
  • Director : Viplove Koneti
  • Producer : Viplove Koneti
  • Banner : Syringe Cinema
  • Music : Sricharan Pakala

2 / 5

Actress Hebah Patel has been doing only a few films. Some of her movies are meant for theatrical release and a few are meant for the OTT world. It’s a known fact that digital streaming has become an easy option for innumerable movie buffs. OTT is bringing out a wide range of content in different languages for a wide section of the audience.

Currently, Hebah Patel’s The Great Indian Suicide has made its digital debut on Aha. Here’s the review of the web release:

Plot: Hemanth (Ram Karthik) owns a cafe. Hebah Patel (Charitha) is the cafe’s regular customer. Charitha makes a deal with Hemanth after she discovers that cookies in his cafe are not good. She tells him she would like to sell her homemade cookies in their cafe. Their business partnership turns into love.

She loves the flitter coffee made by Hemanth. That’s how they fall in love with each other. There arises trouble when Charitha tells that her whole family would be committing suicide to bring back their lost elder uncle. Hemanth wants to stop their family from attempting suicide and change their ideology. What does Hemanth do to change everyone’s mindset? What are the odds he faces in this process? Will Hemanth be able to stop Charitha’s family from doing the worst thing?

Performances: Hebah Patel looks good in the de-glam role. She gave a strong performance throughout. Ram Karthik delivers his career-best performance in the film. The heart and soul of the film are its varied actors. The remaining cast and crew of the film did their part neatly in the film.

Plus points:

  • Hebah Patel’s performance
  • Dialogues

Minus points :

  • Routine and predictable story

Verdict: The Great Indian Suicide is a statement against superstitions and suicidal thinking that a lot of depressed people go through. It is a watchable film.

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