Samajavaragamana Movie Review

June 29, 2023

Samajavaragamana Movie Review

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Movie: Samajavaragamana

Vishnu, Reba Monica John, Naresh, Sudarshan, Srikanth Iyengar, Vennela Kishore and others

Director: Ram Abbaraju

Producer: Razesh Danda

Music Director: Gopi Sundar

Cinematography: Raam Reddy

Editor: Chota K Prasad

Young actor Sree Vishnu’s Samajavaragamana hit the screens today. The film is directed by Ram Abbaraju. The film had generated decent buzz before its release. Here is our review of whether Samajavaragamana has managed to impress the viewers or not:

Plot: Bala Subrahmanyam (Sree Vishnu) works at a popular multiplex as a ticket seller. Bala’s father Uma Maheshwari Rao (Naresh) wants to complete his degree, he even tries to pass during his mid-40s. Rao meets Sarayu( Reba Monica John) in an exam hall, later, she will come as paying guest to the former’s house. He falls in love with Balu, he is a very typical person who doesn’t treat or love anyone, he treats everyone as his sisters. He doesn’t have any feelings toward Sarayu. Will Balu change his attitude toward Sarayu? How Balu gets changed forms the story.


Sree Vishnu’s performance Comedy involving many family members Dialogues written by the writer. The interval twist. The climax with a heart-touching ending. The characters played by Srikanth Iyengar and VK Naresh.


Predictable story Narration The heroine’s character. The run-time.

Analysis: The film is entertaining. The family audience will love the film when they are bored of routine mass masala films. In theatres, ‘Samajavaragamana’ will have many takers.

The comedy entertainer is also a family entertainer. That’s why most of the scenes involve a father, a mother, a brother, a babai, a groom-to-be. The writing comes with depth.

The film is engaging. The writing department understands the psyche of the audience so well.

Verdict: Samajavaragamana is a good comedy thriller in recent times. People will surely enjoy the film. Samajavaragamana’s first half entertains you to an extent. It’s worth your ticket.

Bottom Line: OUT and OUT Entertainer..

Rating: 3/5