Review: ‘Love You Ram’

July 1, 2023

Review: ‘Love You Ram’

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Title: Love You Ram

‘Love You Ram’ is produced by Mana Entertainment and Sri Chakra Films. For a change, K Dasaradh of ‘Santosham’ and ‘Mr. Perfect’ fame has become a story writer, producer and actor instead of wielding the megaphone for this movie. Shot way back in 2020, the movie has been advertised as a proper family and love drama. In this review, we analyze the film in detail.


Ram (Rohit Behal) is a multi-millionaire running a chain of hotels in Norway. He wants to control his future wife come what may. He zeroes in on a profile on a matrimony site. And the girl is Divya (Aparna Janardanan), who happens to be a childhood friend. Divya has been deeply in love with Ram, thinking that he is a gentleman. But there is a shock waiting for her. What happens after Divya realizes that Ram is crooked? Will they have a happy ending?


Rohit Behal gets too many dialogues. His performance is very average. Aparna Janardhan’s performance would have been good if this was a TV serial. The mainstream cinema audience won’t like her. K Dasaradh imagines himself as an artist and steps into the shoes of a senior comedian. He fails to grab the audience’s attention.


Nothing. The storyline is also outdated. The characters are weak and the situations are old.


Sai Santhosh’s cinematography is below average. K Vedaa’s music and SB Uddav’s editing have been done in a shoddy manner.

The melodrama doesn’t work at all.

The second half is a mess.

The climax doesn’t have any teary moments.

The dialogues lose their sheen.


‘Love You Ram’ turns out to be a ‘Hate You Ram’ treat. The film belongs to the 2000s or an earlier decade. The production values are poor. The film should have been released on YouTube for free viewing.

Rating: 1/5

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