Rangabali Movie Review

July 7, 2023

Rangabali Movie Review

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Promising actor Naga Shaurya’s ‘Rangabali’ has been released in theatres. The film’s early premieres were held in Hyderabad on Thursday in the hope that it will get a positive talk like the recent ‘Samajavaragamana’. Does the film achieve its intended goal?


The story is set in Rajavaram, where the Rangabali Centre is an important landmark. Shourya aka (Naga Shaurya) is a B.Pharmacy student who doesn’t know the difference between motion tablets and cough tablets. His father (Goparaju Ramana) sends him to a medical college to get trained under a medico named Sahaja (Yukti Thareja).

Incidentally, Sahaja’s father (Murli Sharma) hates Rajavaram. The conflict is that Shourya doesn’t want to leave the town come what may. If he has to marry Sahaja with her father’s approval, he must do something unbelievable. What is that? Will Shourya achieve his mission?


The only actors who make an impact are Naga Shaurya and Satya. The former plays a semi-serious and semi-glamorous character. The latter plays a character inspired by SJ Suryah’s pathological character from ‘SPYder’. Satya adds more comedy by bringing the idea to life.

Barring the above two artists, the rest of them merely sleepwalk through their roles. Shine Tom Chacko, as a political heavyweight, is poor. The ‘Dasara’ actor is bad. Saptagiri, Rajkumar Kasireddy and others don’t get the opportunity to make a mark. Murli Sharma is wasted.

Yukti Thareja is quite sexy and she looks like a bomb in the raunchy song in the second half. She has the potential to become a star actress if she picks the right roles.

Technical Departments:

Pawan CH’s music has nothing home to write about. The songs sound dull. Only one song gets good picturization and that’s because of the chemistry shared by the hero-heroine duo.

Cinematographer Diwakar Mani’s work is found wanting in outdoor locations. Pruthvi Master, Real Satish, and Wing Chun Anji are the ones who choreograph the stunts. This is not a typical action movie but a semi-actioner. So, they didn’t have to work hard. The production design by AS Prakash is average. Editor Karthika Srinivas doesn’t save the second half from being a failure.


Good message. Naga Shaurya and Satya. The raunchy song involving the lead pair. The climax message.


Poor writing. Weak screenplay. Illogical scenes. No brave attempt. Laughable antagonist. Bad flashback.


‘Rangabali’ is a wasted opportunity. The storyline had some potential.

Chitraseema Rating:2/5

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