Ram Charan, Sobitha Manyavar Ad Goes Viral

December 23, 2023

Ram Charan, Sobitha Manyavar Ad Goes Viral

Ram Charan and Sobhita Dhulipala recently graced screens in a visually stunning Manyavar commercial, portraying as bride and groom. The 45-second ad has become a social media sensation, with fans expressing admiration for their on-screen chemistry and eagerly anticipating future collaborations in the film industry.

In the commercial’s narrative, Sobhita Dhulipala, in the role of a bride, playfully conveys her displeasure to Ram Charan, the ‘RRR’ groom, for his delayed arrival at the mandap. The characters communicate solely through expressive eyes, creating a dialogue-free yet emotionally resonant interaction. Sobhita’s voice-over begins with a playful remark, “I knew you’d be late, you are not serious,” to which Ram Charan responds, “I was stuck in traffic.”

The digital realm is abuzz with enthusiasm as fans flood social media platforms with praises for the duo’s natural chemistry. Online discussions have elevated Sobhita Dhulipala and Ram Charan as a fresh and desired pairing for future cinematic ventures.

Enthusiasts have noted specific moments in the ad, with one saying, “I loved the way he touched her feet by making her wear a toe ring (red heart emoji).” Another fan expressed the desire for a full-fledged film featuring the dreamy duo, stating, “I want this as a full-fledged film. Such a dreamy duo (crying emoji and heart-faced emoji).” A third admirer called for their collaboration in a movie, saying, “Telugu pair (red heart emoji) looks so adorable. Someone pls cast them in a movie (fingers crossed emoji).”

Regarding their individual projects, Ram Charan is set to star in the political-thriller ‘Game Changer,’ directed by Shankar, marking Kiara Advani’s Telugu debut. Meanwhile, Sobhita Dhulipala last seen in ‘Made In Heaven 2,’ is gearing up for her role in the American action-thriller ‘Monkey Man,’ directed by Dev Patel, marking his directorial debut. The anticipation for future collaborations between these two talented actors continues to grow among their dedicated fan base.

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