Prem Kumar Review, Rating

August 18, 2023

Prem Kumar

Prem Kumar

  • Cast : Santosh Shobhan, Rashi Singh, Ruchitha Sadineni, Krishna Teja, Sudarshan
  • Director : Abhishek Maharshi
  • Producer : Shiva Prasad Panneeru
  • Banner : Sharanga Entertainments
  • Music : S. Anant Srikar

1.5 / 5

Young actor Santosh Shobhan has been on a spree since his debut movie Paper Boy and OTT debut Ek Mini Katha. His Prem Kumar has been released in theatres.

Here’s our review of it:

Story: Prem Kumar (Santosh Shobhan) is the least eligible bachleor in the town. All his matrimony matches get ruined. He gets frustrated as he doesn’t get a single woman to marry. He decides to start a new anti-wrdding company named ‘PK Detective Agency’. They do the business of breaking weddings and romantic relationship, especially those involving martial affairs. PK’s profession changes the course of his life and lands him into a lot of trouble. Why does PK break marriages? Will PK get married or not? The rest of the story will you give you the answers.

Performances: Santosh Shobhan does a fine job. It is a regular role from him, as there is nothing new about his acting chops. He doesn’t perform any fight or dance scenes in the film. Most of the screen space goes to him, Krishna Teja and Sudharshan. They did their part well and entertaned people with a few quick jokes. Rashi Singh looks good on the screen but she does not fit the bill perfectly. Ruchita Sadineni nails it as a rich and attitude-heavy girl.

Analysis: Prem Kumar is a confusing film. It is too unbearable right from the beginning of the story. If the director had trimmed the story, it would have been finished in one hour. They dragged on the story with unnneccessary scenes for two hours and thirty minutes. There was a no background music in the film. Some dialgoues are good, though.


Some comedy situations.


Lengthy scenes.

No proper exploration of the conflict.

Poor staging of the climax.

Needless friction between characters.

Verdict: Watch it your own risk. I don’t recommened at all.

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