Pooja Hegde Spotted With Rumored Boyfriend Rohan Mehra

April 1, 2024

Pooja Hegde Spotted With Rumored Boyfriend Rohan Mehra

Pooja Hegde, known for her beauty and success in the film industry continues to capture the hearts of fans worldwide. While her professional endeavors are thriving a recent situation has shifted toward her personal life sparking widespread attention. Last year, rumors spread about Pooja’s romantic involvement with a cricketer along with talks of an imminent marriage though these were later dismissed. Now, fresh rumors suggest a budding romance between Pooja and Bollywood actor Rohan Mehra. Alleged sightings of the two together in Mumbai at Restaurants and hotels have fueled these speculations.

Adding to the buzz circulating social media videos purportedly capturing the pair in a car together. Fans have reacted strongly with some expressing disappointment and questioning Pooja’s choice labeling Rohan as ‘average’. Others harbor hopes of being a better match for the actress. However, it’s important to emphasize that neither Pooja nor Rohan has officially confirmed their relationship. Furthermore, Rohan‘s Bollywood career is still in its early stages, with a mixed track record at the box office.

Given these circumstances, it’s essential to approach these rumors with discretion and respect the privacy of both individuals. Fans experiencing heartbreak may find comfort in the fact that the alleged relationship remains unconfirmed, recognizing that Pooja’s personal life ultimately remains her own prerogative.

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