Om Bheem Bush Review: A Laughing Riot !

March 22, 2024

Om Bheem Bush

Om Bheem Bush

  • Cast : Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Preethi Mukundhan, Ayesha Khan, Srikanth
  • Director : Sree Harsha Konuganti
  • Producer : Sunil Balusu
  • Banner : V Celluloid, VR Creative
  • Music : Sunny M.R.

3 / 5

The long-awaited film Om Bheem Bush, featuring Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna has finally been released worldwide today. Check out our review to find out how it performs.

Story: Three friends, Krish (Sree Vishnu), Vinay (Priyadarshi), and Madhav (Rahul Ramakrishna) decide to explore the village of Bhairavakona. which is rumored to be haunted by a ghost named Sampangi. The locals believe that the ghost guards a treasure hidden inside the Sampangi Mahal. The trio accepts the challenge to uncover the treasure and venture into the haunted palace. What happens next? Do they face any consequences? Who is Sampangi exactly? Does the ghost pose any threat to the friends? and most importantly do they succeed in finding the treasure? All these mysteries will be revealed in the movie.

Technical Analysis:

Director Sree Harsha Konuganti has expertly blended horror, comedy, and emotion resulting in an entertaining film that delivers an underlying message. Sunny MR’s creative sound design adds to the cinematic experience by creating unique atmospheres throughout the movie. Raj Thota’s cinematography captures the essence of each scene flawlessly and is complemented by Vijay Vardhan Kavuri’s seamless editing. While the production values are impressive, the VFX could have been more polished. However, the art department’s meticulous attention to detail shines through.

Plus Points:

  • Om Bheem Bush enchants audiences with its magical allure urging audiences to embrace a story where logic takes a back seat.
  • The director’s ingenious marketing sets the stage for an immersive experience surrendering viewers to unknown surprises.
  • Despite its simplistic plot, the film captivates through its neat execution, especially in the second half.
  • The film’s fun dialogues particularly in the second half keep the audience in a fun mood.
  • The on-screen chemistry among the cast, including Sree Vishnu, Madhav, and Vinay, evokes continuous laughter.
  • Racha Ravi’s addition adds depth to the ensemble cast, seamlessly blending with the rest of the team.

Minus Points:

  • While excelling in execution and wit, the film occasionally leaves viewers with unanswered questions.
  • Secondary characters, including heroine Preethi Mukundan, lack development, affecting the overall depth of the story.
  • Certain dialogues may discomfort some viewers, detracting from their enjoyment of the film.
  • The abrupt transformation in Sree Vishnu’s character arc feels somewhat contrived, diminishing the authenticity of the narrative.
  • The first half would benefit from tighter storytelling and trimming unnecessary scenes to enhance pacing and engagement.


Overall, Om Bheem Bush offers an enjoyable cinematic experience, featuring decent performances and good storytelling. Although the movie has some minor pacing issues and occasional lapses in logic, it still makes for a decent choice for weekend entertainment. Those who can overlook these flaws will find the humor in the movie truly captivating. Watching this fun flick is the best option to enjoy this weekend.

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