NTR’s Devara Becomes A Target For Trolls

January 2, 2024

NTR’s Devara Becomes A Target For Trolls

NTR’s Devara has generated immense anticipation among fans as one of the most awaited films of 2024. The recent release of a poster announcing a glimpse on January 8, 2024, has sparked a mixed reaction among the audience.

While the anticipation for updates is high, some fans have expressed disappointment with the latest poster, citing concerns about the artificial appearance and less-than-satisfactory graphics. Numerous enthusiasts have called for the immediate release of a new and improved poster to elevate the excitement surrounding the film.

Amid these discussions, fans of other heroes have taken to social media to troll the new Devara poster, particularly targeting NTR’s look in it. Some have even drawn comparisons to Chiranjeevi’s Walter Veerayya posters, suggesting that the Devara team could enhance their content by avoiding recreations of Chiru’s iconic poses.

Accepting that the latest poster lacks the fierceness and intensity seen in his previous releases, there is a collective hope among fans that the team will make the necessary changes to the poster in the near future. As the anticipation continues to build, the audience remains eager to witness whether the team will unveil an improvised visual representation that lives up to the high expectations set by the earlier promotional material.

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