No Salman Khan, SRK Cameo In War 2

December 6, 2023

No Salman Khan, SRK Cameo In War 2

NTR’s debut in Yash Raj Films Spy Universe marks an exciting milestone for Telugu audiences. Following the success of RRR fans eagerly anticipated significant projects for stars like NTR and Ram Charan. The official entry of NTR into Bollywood with War 2 brought joy to fans looking forward to witnessing their favorite actors on a broader cinematic platform.

In contrast to earlier Spy Universe films featuring surprise cameo appearances in War 2 starring Hrithik, NTR and Kiara Advani will not include such elements. This decision arises from the lukewarm response to Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo in Tiger 3 unlike the success of Salman’s appearance in SRK’s Pathaan.

Producer Aditya Chopra and director Ayan Mukerji have chosen not to divert audience attention from the impactful performances of the lead stars in War 2. The less enthusiastic reception to Tiger 3 prompted the makers to recalibrate their strategy setting aside plans for the ambitious Tiger Vs Pathaan project.

Instead, the focus is on creating an exceptional spy drama with War 2 leveraging the combined star power of two pan-India actors. The film’s scheduled release in January 2025 now takes precedence reflecting a reevaluation of priorities based on the feedback from Tiger 3.

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