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Netizens Are Unhappy With Nagarjuna’s Hosting

Biggboss Telugu season 5 is one of the most anticipated reality show in the recent times. The show has come up with the huge expectations among the audience. The makers of the show are trying hard to make the show interesting but finally the show is not succeed in getting high TRP numbers. Netizens says that season 5 is quiet boring. 

Netizens are u happy with Nagarjuna hosting. Nagarjuna is one of the best host in silver screen as he is the first actor to enter into silver screen as a host for Meelo Evaru koteeswarulu. Nagarjuna is continuously hosting his 3rd season of Biggboss but this time the audience dint fell the presence of original Nagarjuna. 

Netizens slammed that Nagarjuna is not being rude with the contestants who made mistakes in the house. Netizens says that Nagarjuna is not commanding the house mates for there mistakes and he is being very  soft for with them which is very disappointing for the audience. 


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