Narakasura Movie Review, Rating

November 3, 2023



  • Cast : Rakshit Atluri, Aparna Janardan, Sangeerthana Vipin · Shatru (Telugu Actor) · Nassar · Charanraj · Kanchi · Fish Venkat.
  • Director : Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior
  • Producer : Dr. Ajja Sreenivas
  • Banner : Sumukha Creations
  • Music : Nawfal Raja IAS

1.5 / 5

Narakasura Movie Review: Rakshit Atluri, who rose to fame with Palasa 1978 released in the year 2020, has been trying a variety of genres. He is now back with another movie, named Narakasura. The film made its way to the theatres this Friday. It features Aparna Janarthan and Sankeerthana Vipin as the female leads. Backed by Dr Ajja Srinivas under the banner of Sumukha creations, the film is an action drama.


Shiva (Rakshit Atluri) is a lorry driver who also works in a coffee estate. He falls in love with Meenakshi (Aparna). On the other hand, Shiva admires a politician named Nagama Naidu (Charan Raj). He supports Nagama Naidu and ensures that he becomes a leader.

In the process, Nagama Naidu’s son (Teja Charan Raj) falls in love with Meenakshi. All of a sudden, Shiva goes missing from the scene. The police are on a mission to search him.

What happened to Shiva? How did he disappear all of a sudden? Who will arrest him? Why is the film named Narakasura? That’s what Narakasura is all about.


Director Sebastian has chosen a rare story with unique elements. Although he is a debutant, he has handled Narakasura pretty well. However, the screenplay of the film leaves you confused. The visuals are extraordinary. The locations are captured with a wow factor. However, there is so much lag in the film with no much scope for emotions and nuance.

Narakasura is more about the Hijras. The film delivers a solid social message. What kind of issues do the Hijras face in society? How do they handle the discrimination? Answers to these questions will entertain the mass audience. It is an engaging revenge political drama in that sense.

Performances: Rakshi Atluri gives a neat performance right from beginning to end. Aparna impresses everyone with her acting chops. Sankeerthana Vipin is okay in the film, as she doesn’t get much screen space to prove herself. The rest of the cast and crew did their part in the film.

Verdict: Watch it with low expectations. Narakasura has message, drama and action.

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