Mr Pregnant Movie Review, Rating

August 18, 2023

Mr Pregnant

Mr Pregnant

  • Cast : Syed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur, Suhasini Manirathnam, Raja Ravindra, Brahmaji, Ali, Harsha, Abhishek Reddy Bobbala, Swapnika
  • Director : Srinivas Vinjanampati
  • Producer : Appi Reddy
  • Banner : Mic Movies
  • Music : Shravan Bharadwaj

2.5 / 5

Bigg Boss Sohel Ryan forayed into films with Lucky Lakshman. As you all know, the film failed to live up to the audience’s expectations. Sohel is back yet again with Mr Pregnant. How is the movie? Did Sohel at least succeed with Mr Pregnant?

Check out our review and know the answer:

Plot: Sohel (as Gautham) is a famous tattoo artist who lost his parents as a teen. Roopa Kodavayur (as Maha) has always been deeply in love with him. He agrees to live the rest of his life with her on the condition of not having children. Life is strange and stranger still is Maha getting pregnant. Due to an emotional flashback, the husband decides to become pregnant after a life-altering, pregnancy-bestowing, uterus-driven surgery. The rest of the film is about what happens in his and his wife’s life after the curious decision.

Performances: Sohel has chosen a different story compared to his first film. He deserves appreciation for taking this kind of story. Suhasini Maniratnam is wow. Harsha Chemudu and Brahmaji contributed their share to the film and entertained the audiences with their performances. The comedy scene where Brahmaji is troubled to the core in an attempt to make him leave Gautham’s house is an absolute winner.

Plus Point:

Story selection Sohel’s emotional scenes and sentimentality. Dialogues The climax

Minus Points:

No good emotional scenes Poor screenplay


The unique concept of Mr Pregnant needs appreciation. The narration failed to hold the power of the audience. Director Srinivas V should have written the story in a more captivating way by respecting its rare premise. A little bit of better music by Shravan Bharadwaj saves the film. The cinematography and editing are okay. Production values are good.

Verdict: Watch this movie for new ideas and the cast’s performances.

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