Mangalavaaram Review,Rating

November 17, 2023



  • Cast : PayalRajput, TharunBascker, Shritej, Ajmal Amir, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajay Ghosh, Laxman
  • Director : Ajay Bhupathi
  • Producer :
  • Banner : Mudhra Media Works and Bhupathi's A Creative Works
  • Music : B Ajaneesh Loknath

2.25 / 5

Mangalavaram Movie Review Rating: Actress Payal Rajput’s much-awaited movie Mangalavaaram hit the screens today. It is her second collaboration with Director Ajay Bhupathi. The music has been composed by Ajaneesh Loknath. Lets Check the review of film.

Plot: Mangalavaaram is set in a small village where people are fear-stricken because deaths take place every Tuesday. A Sub-Inspector of Police (Nandita Swetha) takes up the case to investigate the killings. In comes Shailu (Payal Rajput), whose story is narrated in a flashback. Shailu is in love with a school teacher (Ajmal Amir), who has an insincere motive. The rest of the film is about how Shailu navigates her life.

Performances: Payal Rajput owns the film with her killer performance. She is absolutely strong in the emotional scenes. Her entry just before the interval makes her character attain mystique. Krishna Chaitanya gets a meaty role and he excels as the village head. Ajay Ghosh entertains you with his comedy. Nandita Swetha is okay, and it seems like she has gone a bit over the top. The rest of the cast and crew did their part well in the film. Laxman Meesala, Sritej, and the actress who played the Zamindar’s wife are good.

Plus Points: 

  • Payal Rajput’s Glamour
  • Some Thrilling Moments
  • Background Score & The sound design
  • The climax.
  • The Storyline, Village Backdrop

Minus Points:

  • Some boring stretches.
  • A few ideas in the first half are repetitious.

Analysis: Mangalavaaram has been made as a period thriller drama. One part of the story takes place in 1996, while the other part takes place in 1986. Since the communication avenues were limited during those times, the characters are not seen communicating even on the phone. They travel the distance. For example, if a decision has to be taken with the consent of the Zamindar, literally, he has to walk into the situation. The backstory of Shailu could have been mounted in a better way. Director Ajay Bhupathi of ‘RX 100’ fame claimed that ‘Mangalavaaram’ is a never-seen-before story on the Indian screen. It has to be seen if the audience, too, feel the same. The film has its share of demerits, but the engaging story makes up for the flaws.

Verdict: Managalavaaram is a unique story with a good Village backdrop. The director Ajay Bhupathi failed to execute it perfectly, though. Payal Rajput delivers her best performance. Watch it with low expectations.

Bottom line: ‘Mangalavaaram’ The Thrills are Limited.

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