Rajamouli Getting Ready For SSMB29!

January 10, 2024

Rajamouli Getting Ready For SSMB29!

The much-anticipated collaboration between director Rajamouli and superstar Mahesh Babu for their upcoming project has become a global sensation, especially in the wake of the blockbuster success of ‘RRR’. With this project marking Rajamouli’s post ‘RRR’ venture, expectations are reaching unprecedented heights.

Mahesh Babu, after the release of his current venture ‘Guntur Kaaram’ on January 12, 2024, will shift his attention to SSMB29, intensifying the buzz around this collaboration. Recent reports suggest that Rajamouli is actively preparing for the project development.

Earlier, there were indications that he is considering the talented Indonesian actress, Chelsea Islan, for a significant role. However, whispers now reveal Rajamouli’s upcoming journey to Mumbai aiming to rope in notable Bollywood actors for key roles, elevating the casting process to new heights.

The musical genius, Keeravani is set to compose the film’s soundtrack, while writer Vijayendra Prasad shares that the movie unfolds against the captivating backdrop of an African jungle. Rajamouli known for his grand vision, has promised a globe-trotting experience for the audience heightening anticipation for this cinematic spectacle. As the elements align for this eagerly awaited collaboration, fans and cinephiles alike await the extraordinary cinematic journey that promises to redefine storytelling and spectacle boundaries.

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