Mahesh Babu In Germany For SSMB29

January 19, 2024

Mahesh Babu In Germany For SSMB29

Superstar Mahesh Babu surprised everyone with his solo trip to Germany this morning. Unlike his usual vacation tours with his family, this journey is reportedly a work trip expected to last only three days. The purpose of Mahesh Babu’s visit to Germany is connected with his upcoming collaboration with renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli for a globetrotting adventure drama. During his stay, Mahesh will activley engage in the technical aspects of the film, overseeing the production and participating in crucial discussion with the technical team.

Germany, known for its state-of-art technology, provides an ideal backdrop for the intricate work required for Rajamouli’s ambitious project. The team is dedicated to translating Rajamouli’s creative vision into a spectacular cinematic experience on the big screen.

Upon his return from Germany, Mahesh Babu has plans to host a grand success meet for his recent release, ‘Guntur Karam’ Despite an initial lukewarm response, the fil managed to captivate family audiences and fans, resulting in positive box office collections. Rajamouli’s upcoming collaboration with Mahesh Babu is anticipated to be a time-intensive project, with expectations soaring as fans eagerly await its completion over the next three years.

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