Horror Film Pindam Releasing On This Date

November 20, 2023

Horror Film Pindam Releasing On This Date

Horror Film Pindam: In horror film genre, capturing the genuine essence of fear is a rare feat that often eludes filmmakers. However, last year audience were treated with such experiences with films like ‘Masooda,’ followed by ‘Virupaksha.’ Now, brace yourselves for another authentic horror experience with the upcoming film ‘Pindam,’ set to redefine the genre.

Starring the dynamic duo Sriram and Khushi Ravi, ‘Pindam’ is not just another horror film – it’s an original creation that promises to send shivers down your spine. Directed by the debutant Saikiran Daida and produced by Yashwanth Daggumati under the Kalaahi Media banner, this film is already generating significant buzz. With the tagline ‘The Scariest Film,’ ‘Pindam’ is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15.

The recently completed censor formalities have only heightened the anticipation surrounding this horror thriller. According to the makers, ‘Pindam’ is crafted to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, delivering a suspenseful story that will leave a lastiing mark on Tollywood.

Lead actor Sriram and Khushi Ravi’s performances are expected to add to the movie’s allure, making it a must-watch for horror enthusiasts. The makers boast that ‘Pindam’ is unlike anything Tollywood has witnessed before – a film so terrifying that watching it alone is not recommended.

The screenplay is said to be the standout feature of ‘Pindam,’ promising a gripping storyline that will captivate audiences from start to finish.

To kick off the countdown to the release, the ‘Pindam’ team has scheduled a pre-release event in Hyderabad on December 7. The event promises star-studded attendance, with celebrities from the film industry adding glamour to the affair. With a unique theme, the team aims to make this celebration as unforgettable as the film itself, setting the stage for the much-anticipated release on December 15.

The movie, which has story written by Saikiran Daida and Kavi Siddhartha, also stars Eeshwari Rao, Avasarala Srinivas, and Ravi Verma, among others in key roles. Satish Manohar is the DoP, while Krishna Sourabh Surampalli composed the soundtrack for Pindam. Sirish Prasad edited it, and fights by joshua.

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