Hi Nanna Censor Review: Interval And Climax Leaves Huge Impact On Censor Members.

December 5, 2023

Hi Nanna Censor Review: Interval And Climax Leaves Huge Impact On Censor Members.

Hi Nanna Censor Review: As ‘Hi Nanna’ prepares to hit the screens on December 7, promotional activities are in full swing creating a positive buzz around the project. Directed by newcomer Shouryuv the film stars Mrunal Thakur in the heroine’s role. Ahead of its release, the film underwent a screening by censor officials and early reports suggest that it left a lasting impression.

With a runtime of two-and-a-half hours, ‘Hi Nanna’ deeply moved the members of the censor board, who reportedly shed a few tears during the tender moments in the movie. They lauded the well-crafted intermission and gripping climax praising the smooth flow of the story. The emotional connection between Nani and his on-screen child played by Kiara, resonated strongly with the board.

The situational songs and bit-melodies perfectly placed in the narrative worked well along with intense scenes that were compelling and intriguing. The screenplay with its many layers has sparked interest and Nani’s electric performance is said to be the film’s biggest highlight. With Nani’s innovative promotional strategies building anticipation, the Censor Report has further heightened expectations.

Shruti Haasan’s appearance in the song ‘Odiyamma’ has generated considerable buzz while Kiara Khanna takes on the role of Nani’s daughter. The trailer and songs have already captured the public’s attention and with positive feedback from censor officials, ‘Hi Nanna’ is set to release this weekend. Audiences eagerly await the verdict on this emotional drama.

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