Does Nithiin Need An Advisor?

December 12, 2023

Does Nithiin Need An Advisor?

Nithiin ‘s most recent film ‘Extra Ordinary Man’ quietly faded into background adding another flop to his career. However, ups and downs are nothing new for him as he has experienced both successes and failures in his career.

What raises eyebrows is Nithiin’s belief that ‘Extra Ordinary Man’ could compete effectively with other films. He seemed convinced that his comedy centric movie could outshine what he perceived as a softer film from the competition.

The clash with Vishwak Sen‘s ‘Gangs of Godavari’ was on the cards but got postponed. Considering the underwhelming performance of ‘Extra Ordinary Man’ one questions the rationale behind Nithiin’s decision to pit it against other films.

Some choices reveal the decision making skills of actors and the fact that ‘Extra Ordinary Man’ is produced by Nithiin’s own family adds another layer of intrigue. It prompts one to wonder if anyone within the family could accurately gauge the film’s potential. It’s a perplexing situation.

Hopefully, setbacks serve as valuable lessons and Nithiin takes them in his stride emerging more perceptive and resilient in his future choices.

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