Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Surprise Entry To The Bigg Boss House

November 7, 2023

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Surprise Entry To The Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Season Telugu 7 (Ulta Pulta) is going wonderful season and Screaming. Meanwhile, the contestants are entertaining the audience as much as they want. Bigg Boss is also making you cry with tasks, but he is filling you with happiness with surprises.

Shivaji’s son enters the Bigg Boss house, The hero cries for the surprise: He called Shivaji who was sitting in the house drinking coffee to come to the medical room to get checked by the doctor. There the doctor was talking to him.. He asked how is your hand. He found out the details of doing exercises. The treatment is over. saying go now. he removed the mask from his face and called Dad. She came as a doctor none other than Shivaji’s son. Shivaji was deeply emotional for the emotional surprise given by Bigg Boss.

Seeing his son, Sivaji suddenly became emotional with joy. He immediately hugged him and took him inside the house. He got emotional and told all the contestants that Bigg Boss gave him a surprise by sending our elder boy as a doctor. Shivaji’s son said that he was going to university. that’s why I came to see you. Shivaji asked how many months would come again. Then Shivaji burst into tears. The contestants in the house also got emotional after seeing this scene.

Bigg Boss Season Telugu 7 This Week Nomination List: The interesting buzz, Bigg Boss has entered the 10th week. Rathika, Bhole Shawali, Gautham, Shivaji, and Prince Yavar, who is one of the queens of the house, are on this nomination list. Let’s see what will happen in this week’s nomination. Stay tuned for more updates on our website.

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