Bigg Boss Telugu 7 audience slam Gautham

October 12, 2023

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 audience slam Gautham

As Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 transitions from its eventful third week into the fourth week, the contestants remain steadfast in their quest for success. Each participant is channeling their utmost efforts into the tasks, vying to secure their foothold in the competition. The show maintains its captivating allure, consistently holding the audience’s rapt attention, and keeping them avidly engaged with their television screens.

However, the reentry of Gautham into the Bigg Boss Telugu house has been met with mixed reactions from the audience. Some viewers express dissatisfaction with his demeanor, perceiving an excessive reaction to minor issues. Gautham’s behavior has provided fodder for internet memes, with social media platforms abuzz about his actions. Recent tasks have also raised concerns, as the audience observes Gautham becoming unnecessarily aggressive, eroding the positive reputation he had built in prior weeks. Furthermore, certain words used by Gautham during a task have drawn criticism and ridicule from viewers.

In light of these developments, a significant portion of the audience has been vocal in condemning Gautham’s behavior, signaling a shift in their perception of the contestant as he navigates the challenges within the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

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