Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Rahul Sipiligunj Roasts Rathika’s PR Team

September 21, 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Rahul Sipiligunj Roasts Rathika’s PR Team

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 continues to smash TRP records, with contestants consistently delivering captivating entertainment. As each day unfolds, the dynamics within the Bigg Boss house become increasingly intriguing, holding the audience captive before their television screens.

It’s a well-known fact that contestants entering the show often bring with them past experiences and personal stories, some of which they choose to share for sympathy, while others prefer to keep them private. Additionally, a few contestants may have PR teams working on their behalf outside the Bigg Boss house, attempting to sway public opinion. In a surprising turn of events, Rathika’s former boyfriend, Rahul Sipiligunj, took to Instagram to critique Rathika’s PR team for allegedly exploiting his name, fame, and personal life to garner sympathy votes for Rathika.

Recently, there videos poping up that Rathika is Rahul Sipiligunj‘s ex girlfriend. we can see that Rathika telling their breakup story in some interviews. However, Rathika has now become the subject of memes following Rahul Sipiligunj’s Instagram story.

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