Bichagadu 2 Review: Misfired Sequel!

May 19, 2023

Bichagadu 2 Review: Misfired Sequel!

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Tamil actor Vijay Anthony is familiar with audience with his magnum opus Bichagadu, the highly awaited sequel Bichagadu 2 has been released in theatres today. Which is directed by Vijay Amthony himself. Here is the review and rating of the film.


Vijay Gurumurthi and Satya are the look-alikes in the film, in which one hails from a wealthy family, and another is bigger who spent half of his life in jail. Due to some circumstances, Satya gets replaced in Vijay’s place as a millionaire.

Having got the right opportunity, Satya starts finding his sister whom he lost. How did he lose his sister? Will he succeed in finding her? why Satya was in jail? how he will make use of the money to know this one has to watch the film in the theatre.


Vijay Anthony has done a decent job in the dual role of as wealthy man and beggar, he managed to entertain the audience with her furious looks in the film. But the emotions and his seriousness are quite similar in most of the film. Emotions were lagging which has become a drawback for the film. Vijay was seen as half colour in the film when it comes to emotions.

Leading lady Kavya Thapar dint get enough screen space in the film, her role was dominated by Vijay. Except during the love track and song she wasn’t seen much in the film. The rest of the cast got limited screen space in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Bichagadu 2 is now where related to part one, except for the title there is no connection between the film with its prequel. Bichagadu 2 is not a fresh concept, the audience has seen a couple of films related to this same story. Vijay is the director and music composer of the film, all this has affected his performance in the flick. Vijay disappointed the audience with a lack of emotion in it, the film has a routine dubbing issue, with unmatching lip sync.

The first half was quite impressed with the neat story and twists, the second was quite boring with unnecessary hype on the hero and a poor climax. Vijay failed to execute the film properly, the overburden would have been a reason for it

The melodies and BGM are top-notch, one has to appreciate Vijay for this, the cinematography is decent and the production standards are high.

Thumps Up: 

Action, BGM, Vijay Performance In Bits

Thumps Down: 

Regular story, weak Narration, No Emotions, Direction

Verdict: Bichagadu 2 is a regular story which audience as seen before, one can watch the film only with any expectations. Heavy expectations will definitely hurts you.

Chitraseema Rating: 2/5

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