Agent Movie Review: Routine And Boring Spy Thriller 

April 28, 2023

Agent Movie Review: Routine And Boring Spy Thriller 

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Tollywood star kid Akhil Akkineni’s Agent has been released in theatres, the spy action drama is helmed by Surender Reddy. The film has set up decent buzz among the audience with its exceptional promotions. Let’s check out whether the Agent succussed the mission of winning the audience’s hearts. Here is the genuine review, and rating of the film. 

Plot: Ricky (Akhil) is a fearless kid whose single agenda is to get placed as Raw Agent, he decided to get recruited in Raw due to an incident which happened in his childhood. Finally, Ricky gets recruited in Raw, under Mahadev’s (Mammootty) special wing. Mahadev appoints him in a dangerous undercover operation against the ex-agent Devil (Dino Moreo). The dangerous mission goes out of control and Akhil becomes their target. Why Mission was cancelled, Will Akhil solve the mission, Will he save the country from them, will he serve the nation? to know this one has to watch the film. 


Of course not to mention, Akhil looks ultra-stylish in the film, and though he gave his 100% best in the film, he was not suitable for this particular role. The audience couldn’t accept Akhil playing a raw-agent role. Though his role was quite eye-catching director Surender Reddy failed to engage the audience with proper screenplay. 

Dino Moreo the main antagonist in the role is not a perfect pick for the role, his presence dint create any impact on the film. Mammootty has done Justice to his role. His experience and acting chops dominated Surender Reddy’s poor direction. 

Technical Aspects:  

Director Surender Reddy completely failed to executive the film properly, though the film had an interesting story plot Surender failed to connect it to the audience, usually twist and thrills are the main factor that a Spy thriller needs, sadly there are no such factors in the film. It’s completely the director’s failure for poor output. 

The audience was irritated with the love track in the film, it tested their patience. The BGM and songs are the major drawbacks in the film, viewers with irked by the BGM score by Hiphop Tamizha, his inexperience was clearly visible in his music. Though the film was made with a hefty budget, the visualization is not as expected. The makers have failed in every aspect of the film like direction, execution, music, and visualization. 

What’s Hot

Akhil, Mamootty Performance, Fights, Interval


Predictable story, Poor direction, BGM, Climax, Huge Lag, Visualization

Verdict: Agent is a boring spy thriller, without any thrilling factors in it. One will lose patience while watching the film, its better to avoid the film in theatres, and watch the film at your own risk. 

Chitraseema Rating: 1.5/5

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