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Yashoda Review, Rating

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is one of the established stars in showbiz. Most of the time the story selection of Samantha always earned brownie points from the audience. She has returned back to the big screens with Samantha’s Yashoda. The film has opened in the theatres. Samantha hasn’t promoted the Yashoda. Will the film pass in judge of the audience or not. Here’s the review for it:

Plot: Samantha (Yashoda) aims to become a police officer. She grows up with her younger sister Brinda(Preeti Asrani ), they love and care for each other. Brinda gets to know that Yashoda lost a police job as she failed to pay the bribe to the officer. Brinda decides to fulfill Yashoda’s dream by getting a surrogate. Brinda gets missing from it, and Yashoda tries to find out about her. Then, Yashoda gets to know about the Surrogate scam, she decides to go through the same process to know what is really happening to the girls. Samantha will also join in EVA’s fertility center which runs by Varalakshmi Sarathkumar(Madhu). What Madhu is doing with the fetus forms the story.

Performance: Samantha does a swell job in the film and the show belonged to her. In a few scenes, Samantha will charm you all with her infectious smile. At the same time, Samantha also sends shivers down the spine. Samantha’s character needs intensity and vulnerability with softness, she manages it effortlessly. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar excels in Madhu’s character, she did a fabulous job in the film. Rao Ramesh, Sampath Raj, Murali Sharma and Unni Mukundan carried the whole film on their shoulders with their impeccable performance.

One of the highlights in Yashoda is its tight screenplay. Yashoda suspense will be revealed in the beginning of the second half, the film keeps you engrossed in the second half with many unfolded twists. Production values are rich. Samantha’s every fight in Yashoda is good. The real treat comes when the film is about to end. The current generation of the audience will surely get connects to the film.

What’s not:

Director Harish Shankar failed to continue the suspense in the film. When people come to understand the story, it gets disturbed by some fight or songs.

Verdict: Yashoda is a decent watch with some twists and turns. Don’t forget to watch it for Samantha. You will surely love Yashoda’s performance for sure.

Chitraseema Rating: 2.5/5


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