Bigg Boss Telugu is the most loved reality show in the showbiz.

The show turned interesting since day 1, with heated arguments and misunderstandings between the housemates.

The first week nominations have happened yesterday, where Revanth was cornered by other housemates.

Revanth got nominated by 8 contestants for the first week eliminations.

Few had valid reasons, but some contestants nominated Revanth for lame reasons.

Netizens slams that Revanth is cornered by other housemates, Revanth stands top with 8 votesĀ 

A section of audience says that Revanth is going to become another Kaushal Manda in the house.

Former Bigg Boss season 2 contestant Kaushal Manda who was treated same, has changed the graft after 2 second week and became winner of the season.

Bigg Boss viewers predicts that Revanth is going to rule the Bigg Boss house soon as Kaushal did in season 2.